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ClearView 2000 | Office Static Protection | Versastat

Static and ESD Protection for Computers


The only device on the market proven to bring electrostatic emissions from  monitors  to less than 50 Volts (much lower than any Glare Screen).  


  • Glitches & reboot

  • Lost & corrupted data

  • Erroneous calculations
  • Dust on monitor
  • Eye strain
  • Hardware damage
  • Computer Protection

  • Enhanced Performance

  • Hardware Longevity

  • Monitor Clarity

  • Comfortable Eyes

  • Proven Performance
Our patented  Static Protection System, manufactured in the USA only by StopESD Inc., eliminates static  from the monitor and the computer user on a continual, on going basis.   Featuring  our unique "seeing is believing" static display technology, easy installation and the most complete static elimination in the industry. This device is perfect for protection of PC's in homes and offices.  
  • So powerful it's used extensively in  electronic manufacturing environments.
  • Certified by Wolfson Electrostatics to bring static potential of monitor to < 50 volts. 
  • Out performs any glare screen or "static free" Monitor.
  • Eliminates static induced glitches to sensitive Cochlear Implant Systems!
  • Easy to install, requires no tools or batteries (powered by the electrostatics it eliminates).


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Static Elimination
System for Computers:
FST - 40100 $69.95  xxx
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