Static Protection for your Home and Office

Stop the Static ZAP with VersaStat 2000

For Computers, Copiers, Printers and Office Furniture and Even Audio Equipment

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Includes UltraSpray ($19.95 value) at NO CHARGE!
2 year warranty on parts & Labor, Designed to last a lifetime
Conductive Vinyl Pads:   Add $7.15 per additional square foot


In dry office environments just walking across a carpet can generate 10,000 voltsof static! Results: Lock ups, resets, calls to the repair department and, lost productivity.esd chair mats

The VersaStat 2000, patented, reliable static control protects sensitive audio equipment, computer work stations, sophisticated copy machines, virtually ANY and All static sensitive electronics.  Safely removes static from Carpeting.  Discreet, powerful static control protection with "seeing is believing" Technology.

Office electronics such as Networked Computers, Copy machines and Printers rely on a variety of sensitive micro components to program the functions of their operations.  Without exception,  all of these products are built in  a static control environment, but manufacturers can't control the static in your environment. 

User-induced electrostatic discharges to  metal casings, paper trays or other grounded metal portions of the electronic Devices are not only annoying, but can be interpreted by the microprocessors as software commands. While discharges to  sensitive programming panel (especially touch screen panels) can cause catastrophic damage to products.

It Also Eliminates Static From Sophisticated Home Audio, Recording Studios, Television Studios, Radio Studios

VersaStat for Audio StaticToday's audio systems have achieved an unprecedented level of electronic sophistication. Utilizing advanced micro-circuitry to control, amplify, digitize and more, this new generation of technology is so advanced that the systems are actually manufactured in a totally static controlled environment. Still, the unpredictability of electrostatics and the problems it can cause send shivers down the backs of some of the finest engineers in the world.  

A person walks across the carpet to load CDs, generates a charge of several thousand volts. A DJ rolls across a chair mat and touches a microphone and ZAP, it's time for another expensive microphone. User induced discharges  manifest themselves in programming glitches, annoying crackles (especially at higher volumes) and catastrophic or latent damage to sophisticated audio equipment.

Easy Installation:

VersaStat Installs in minutes, drains the static in seconds. Simply peel off the unique (no residue) adhesive backing and place the electrostatic pickup pad on your existing chair mat or carpet. Ground the patented electrostatic collection / display unit (sounds complicated but it's so easy and no tools required) and voila, user induced ESD problems become a thing of the past.  Comes complete with a bottle of UltraSpray, perfect for cleaning your chair mat or for added effectiveness when using the VersaStat on carpet.  VersaStat's discreet sized electrostatic pickup (18" X 12") and thin, low profile doesn't get in your way.  Roll on it with chair casters,  beat  on it with foot traffic.

Technical Documents:

» VersaStat Installation Instructions


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