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ESD Floor Maintenance

ZeroStat Super Blue

Aggressive Cleaner for Non Waxed ESD Floors and Epoxy

ZeroStat Super Blue: A super-concentrated, versatile, all purpose cleaner/degreaser for the true maintenance professional. Formulated with top quality liquid surfactants and detergents, instead of inexpensive powders, Super Blue cleans chemically, economically, and quickly and cleans  virtually any type of soil from non-waxed ESD flooring and ESD Epoxy.  When used in restrooms and shower areas this superior quality all purpose cleaner will readily remove stubborn dirt and soap scum from tiles, walls, and fixtures utilizing built-in solubilizers, while it's powerful deodorizers, leave a clean fresh fragrance. With exceptional soil- and salt-removal properties, ZeroStat Super Blue quickly and effectively suspends and removes calcium and sodium chloride deposits left from ice melting compounds. Super Blue cleans without rinsing even in hard water, and will not harm existing finishes. StopESD 2000's highest quality all purpose cleaner, Super Blue contains no phosphates or harsh solvents, and is biodegradable and ecologically safe.

ZeroStat Tops

Aggressive Cleaner for Waxed ESD Floors

ZeroStat Tops - A highly effective, yet gentle, synthetic detergent concentrate, formulated for use in professional floor care programs on waxed esd flooring.  Strong enough to remove stubborn soil, it will not degrade or dull existing esd floor finishes nor leave a non conductive residue.  use will reduce the necessity of stripping and recoating by removing abrasive dirt, and acidic or alkaline residues which can attack floor coatings. When used to clean surfaces prior to recoating with an esd floor fiiish ZeroStat Tops Synthetic Neutral Cleaner reduces surface tension and neutralizes floor surfaces, allowing for better finish performance by assuring the floor meets acceptable pH parameters. This product also delivers superior performance as a general purpose cleaner for wall tiles, porcelain, plastics, chromium, and stainless steel. This cleaner is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable

Stat Clean

Moderatly aggressive for waxed and non waxed

Stat-Clean is specifically designed for use in maintenance programs whose goal is to reduce static electricity buildup and increase the conductivity of surfaces in areas where sensitive electronic components are being used or manufactured. Regular cleaner and detergent compounds destroy the static-dissipating properties of highly specialized conductive floor finishes like Perma #27 Stat-Coat, rendering static-control maintenance programs ineffective. Stat-Clean removes dirt and soil while maintaining or increasing the conductivity of Stat-Coat, Stat-Buff, or Stat-Seal. This product is equally effective on vinyl, vinyl-asbestos, rubber, linoleum, ceramic and concrete surfaces. Environmentally safe, it is noncorrosive, nonflammable, and biodegradable.


ZeroStat Strip for removal of ESD Wax

This remarkably effective stripper, N.O.S.E. rapidly dissolves multiple layers of floor finish, without the offensive odors normally associated with strippers. Formulated almost completely from top quality water miscible solvents, N.O.S.E. contains less than 1% solids at concentration, so it leaves no alkaline residue to adversely affect subsequent finish applications. Routine stripping of three to five layers of finish may be accomplished with nothing more than a mop and wet vacuum. No other stripper can surpass N.O.S.E. for the removal of heavy build-ups of today's UHS and urethane fortified finishes. Years of buildup can be quickly and easily removed by light agitation with a scrubbing machine and standard stripping pad. N.O.S.E. will even dissolve the almost impossible to remove straight acrylic sealers. Formulated for those floor care professionals whose time is at a premium, N.O.S.E. is unrivaled in performance and value.

Other ESD Waxes, Chemcials, and Coatings

Zero Stat Coat - Static control Wax?  No, much more! Co-Poly ESD control floor finish offers exceptional electrical performance, excellent wear characteristics, anti-slip properties to extremely high shine  Make any floor anti-static.  

Diamond Coat - Floor Finish and sealer for use on existing ESD Conductive Flooring. Incredible shine as applied but brilliant if polished.  Superb anti-scuff properties and hard, wear resistant copolymers drastically reduce maintenance cost.

Zero Shock Stop - Static control carpet spray protects sensitive electronics on standard carpeting.

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