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ESD Conductive Wax

ESD Bench Top Covering and Floor Runner Materials

StopESD offers a full selection of ESD control materials for use in bench top coverings or floor runners. Materials are offered in both Bulk Form (rolls) or Custom Cut Sizes.  Bulk form does not include grounding hardware or adhesives.  Custom Cuts include all grounding hardware, the flexibility of custom sizes to meet your needs,  our Patented EOS / ESD compliant Static Collection / Display Technology.  Although we offer a very large variety of materials (all at prices about 25% less than our competitors), following is a few of our most popular (pricing at bottom of page).

Proven Performance, Easy to Clean, Durable and Tough.  Made for Floors but Great for Benchs!

UltraTherm: Heat & Chemical  Resistant Rubber 

Excellent Charge Decay, Smooth (easy to clean) and Resistant to Heat and Chemicals.


UltraPurpose: Single Layer Solid Vinyl.

Excellent Charge Decay, Great Looking and Durable.

Static ElectricityGreat mechanical and  electrical performance.
Static ElectricityGood resistance to chemicals, highly durable and long wearing.
Static ElectricityEasily cleaned.
Static ElectricityGood conformity to table tops.
Static ElectricityRTT: <2.5 X 107 Per EOS / ESD 4.1 @ 10 V
Static ElectricityRTG: <5.5 X 106 Per EOS / ESD 4.1 @ 10 V
Static ElectricityCharge Decay:  <0.02 seconds
Static ElectricityMeets or exceeds:  MIL-HDBK-263 and MIL-STD-1686

UltraDuty: The Tougest Rubber Floor Matting in the World!

The Toughest ESD Rubber Floor Runner Material in the World!

 ConductivityUltraDuty withstands even the worst of traffic conditions.
 ConductivityUltraDuty won’t curl and even loose laid runners always lay flat.
 ConductivityUltraDuty features excellent electrical, anti-fatigue and sound absorption properties
 ConductivityUltraDuty is environmentally friendly (made of recycled tires).
 ConductivitySurface Resistivity 1.0 X 10 7 to 2. 5 X 108 Ohms / Sq. per ASTM D257, in accordance with EOS-ESD 4.1
 ConductivityVolume Resistivity - 1.0 X 10 7 to 5 X 108 Ohms / Sq. per ASTM D257
 ConductivityThickness - 5/32
 ConductivityWeight - 75 lbs. per sq. ft.
 ConductivityColor - black with royal blue specks.
 ConductivityMaterial - recycled tires

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$3.82 per sq / ft. - Roll Form (4' x 50')

$ 6.45 per sq / ft- Pre Cuts (any size)

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