Static Protection for your Home and Office

ClearView 2000 - Stop TV and PC Eye Strain. Static electricity harms your eyes and diminishes the longevity of your TV's and monitors.

UltraSpray UltraSpray - Long lasting liquid anti-stat spray for use with our unique FST static protection system for computers or our Clearview system for televisions and monitors.  One little spritz and static is a thing of the past!

VersaStat 2000 VersaStat 2000 Makes any chair mat anti-static. Exceptional protection for the electronics at your workstation. Quick and easy to install (requires no tools or batteries) Eliminate the static from carpet too!  

ZeroShock Stop Carpet Spray ZeroShock Stop Carpet Spray   Static may only be annoying to you but it can devastate sensitive office electronics including computers, printers, telephones, fax machines and sensitive networked systems.  Easy to apply, economical and long lasting. 

ESD Mats

Homogenous ESD Matting

We now Sell ESD Tapes!
DuroStat Elite - Homogenous Vinyl ESD Matting

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Best Sellers

Economy Conductive Rubber Heel Grounder

Conductive Rubber Heel Grounder
Static Protection for $2.50

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Stop ESD provides affordable grounding solutions for electronics manufacturing and assembly areas

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