ESD Mats & Static Control Matting

Ultra Con TM Elite - 2-LAYER High Temperature Rubber ESD Matting

Item Number: BM-UC-E(L x W) - Blue Top, Black Bottom

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ESD Mats & Static Control Matting
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30" X 30'
300 lbs.
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30" X 30' Roll
Custom and precut sizes available

Thickness: 1/4" (standard)
Tensile:>1000 PSI
Durometer: > 60 (Shore A)
Colors: Blue top, Black bottom
Available in custom cut or roll form, 3-layer

Surface Resistance: EN 100015.1 5x106 - 5x108
EOS/ESD.S4.1990/100 V 1x107 - 1x109
EOS/ESD.S4.1990/10 V 1x107 - 1x109

EN 100015.1 5x106 - 5x108
EOS/ESD.S4.1990/100 V 1x106 - 1x108
EOS/ESD.S4.1990/10 V 1x106 - 1x108

Charge Decay:
FED TM 101 (From 5000 to 50V) 0.01 sec

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ESD Mats

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