ESD Waxes, Chemicals, and Coatings

ZeroStat CoatZeroStat Coat - Make any floor anti-static. Co-Poly ESD control floor finish offers exceptional electrical performance, excellent wear characteristics, anti-slip properties to extremely high shine.

ZeroStat Diamond Coat IIZeroStat Diamond Coat II XL - Floor Finish and sealer for use on existing ESD Conductive Flooring. Incredible shine a, superb anti-scuff properties and hard, wear resistant copolymers drastically reduce maintenance cost.

ZeroStat Shock Stop Carpet SprayZeroStat Shock Stop Carpet Spray Static control carpet spray protects sensitive electronics on standard carpeting.

ZeroStat CleanZeroStat Clean ZeroStat Clean is specifically designed for use in maintenance programs whose goal is to reduce static electricity build-up and increase the conductivity of surfaces.

ZeroStat BuffZeroStat Buff XL This innovative spray buff is formulated as a companion product for ZeroStat Coat.

ZeroStat Seal IIZeroStat Seal II ZeroStat Seal II is ideal for hard, extended wear finish for masonry surfaces. It is an easy to apply, two component epoxy-acrylate dispersion.

ZeroStat CitrusZeroStat Citrus ZeroStat Citrus contains natural citrus solvent extracted from the peel of oranges. A terrific, biodegradable, grease dispersion and deodorant solvent.

ZeroStat Prepare ZeroStat Prepare ZeroStat Prepare is ideal for the etching of concrete, terrazzo, and unglazed stone. Prepares surfaces before coating. Dissolves ground in dirt and dust.

ZeroStat Super Blue ZeroStat Super Blue ZeroStat Super Blue cleans economically and fast and removes soil and salt. Biodegradable and ecologically safe. No phosphates or harsh solvents.

ZeroStat Tops ZeroStat Tops ZeroStat Tops will not degrade or dull floor finishes. Powerful yet gentle it removes salt & ice ment residue. Biodegradable.

ZeroStat LockDown ZeroStat LockDown ZeroStat LockDown provides positive adhesion for ZerOstat Crete. Urethane Modified Formulated with new technology polymers.

ZeroStat NOSE Stripper ZeroStat NOSE Stripper This remarkably effective stripper rapidly dissolves multiple layers of floor finish without the offensive odors normally associated with strippers.

ZeroStat Crete ZeroStat Crete ZeroStat Crete incorporates state-of-the-art, static dissipating properties into a high performance, two-component, water-based epoxy for use on concrete and other hard surfaces.

ZeroStat Seal ZeroStat Seal ZeroStat Seal is a state-of-the-art, sealer/finish with inherent, static-dissipating properties. It is specifically formulated for application in areas where positive elimination of static electricity is required.

ZeroStat Diamond Seal ZeroStat Diamond Seal XL DiamondCoat a unique, highly wear resistant, static control floor finish specially formulated for use on all ESD conductive vinyl's. specially formulated for use on all ESD conductive vinyl's.

ZeroStat Mat ZeroStat Mat ZeroStat Mat is formulated to help maintain the static dissipative properties of rubber or vinyl matting. ZeroStat Mat leaves no residue therefore enhancing the appearance of the Matting.

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