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You depend on the flawless performance of the sophisticated electronics in your environment and when they fail,  your productivity suffers. Today’s micro circuitry has reached an unprecedented level of sophistication, to achieve this performance manufacturers BUILD the equipment in a static control environment and try their best to shield the sensitive micro circuitry from ESD "events" (static discharge).

A employee walks across a carpet, collecting several thousand volts of static potential, touches a metal PC case and ZAP it’s time to replace that mother board. Another employee strolls across the carpet for coffee, touches a metal filing cabinet and ZAP someone’s nearby PC simply freezes up. ZeroStat Shock Stop's proprietary blend of patented quaternary compounds works by rendering the fibers in carpet and fabric static dissipative (slightly conductive). Electrostatic potential from personnel is transferred to this coating where it is discharged harmlessly to ground. ZeroStat Shock Stop provides an important safeguard against potential damage from electrostatic discharge. It's non-corrosive, non-flammable, biodegradable and environmentally oriented.


Remove dust and loose dirt from carpet with vacuum cleaner. Remove stains and carpet with spotter or shampooing procedure. Adjust a trigger or pressurized sprayer to deliver a fine mist and cover the application area evenly. Allow the carpet to dry before admitting foot traffic. This is a concentrated product which may be diluted for more frequent applications. Reapply as needed to control static and after shampooing. Static dissipating properties will continue for 30 to 90 days depending on the amount of traffic and relative humidity. Coverage is approximately 1000 square feet per gallon.


Mixture: Proprietary quaternary and resin mixture
pH:  6.5 to 7.5
Free Ammonia:  None
Free Alkali:  None
Free Acids:  None
Phosphates:  None
Abrasives:  None
Color:  Light Green
Solubility in water:  100%
Odor:  Mild, Pleasant
Freeze / Thaw Stability:  Min 3 Cycles
Shelf Life:  Min 1 Year
Flash Point:  None
Weight Per Gallon:  8.5
Biodegradable:  YES
Soil Suspension:  Good

Safety Information:

Technical Documents:

» Why use an ESD floor finish?
» ZeroStat Shock Stop MSDS Sheet

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