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ZeroStat Super Blue - Super Concentrated Cleaner

Super Concentrated Cleaner

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S-ZS-SUPER BLUE-5 (5 Gallon)
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A super-concentrated, versatile, all purpose cleaner / degreaser for the true maintenance professional. Formulated with top quality liquid surfactants and detergents, instead of inexpensive powders, Super Blue cleans chemically, economically, and quickly, virtually any type of soil, on any surface, in institutional, industrial, transportation, hospital, and food service operations.

When used in restrooms and shower areas this superior quality all purpose cleaner will readily remove stubborn dirt and soap scum from tiles, walls, and fixtures utilizing built-in solubilizers, while it's powerful deodorizers, leave a clean fresh fragrance. Super Blue quickly and effectively suspends and removes calcium and sodium chloride deposits left from ice melting compounds. Super Blue cleans without rinsing even in hard water, and will not harm existing finishes. Our highest quality all purpose cleaner, Super Blue contains no phosphates or harsh solvents, and is biodegradable and ecologically safe.

Technical Documents:

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