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VersaStat 2000

Eliminate user-induced static discharges to audio equipment!

Advanced static protection for:

  • Sophisticated Home Audio
  • Recording Studios
  • Television Studios
  • Radio Studios

Includes patented static collection / display unit

UltraStat Static Indicator

VersaStat for Audio Static
Discreet powerful  protection for  this $87,000 award winning Home Entertainment Center

Today's audio systems have achieved an unprecedented level of electronic sophistication. Utilizing advanced micro-circuitry to control, amplify, digitize and more, this new generation of technology is so advanced that the systems are actually manufactured in a totally static controlled environment. Still, the unpredictability of electrostatics and the problems it can cause send shivers down the backs of some of the finest engineers in the world.   A person walks across the carpet to load CDs, generates a charge of several thousand volts (often without knowing it) and ZAP, (dissipates the charge directly into the system). A DJ rolls across a chair mat and touches a microphone and ZAP, it's time for another expensive microphone.   Our documented examples abound, user induced discharges  manifest themselves in programming glitches, annoying crackles (especially at higher volumes) and catastrophic (permanent) or latent (occasional) damage to sophisticated audio equipment.

static electricityPowerful Protection: Drains Static from a 100 Square Foot Carpeted Room!

 electrostat protectionEasy installation requires no tools or batteries.
 electrostat protectionAutomatic electrostatic elimination requires no user intervention and works with all shoes.
 electrostat protectionDrains the charge from a 100 square foot  area (when used in conjunction with UltraSpray).
 electrostat protectionEconomical at a fraction of the cost of ONE service call.
 electrostat protectionPatented indicator provides verification of proper grounding & electrostatic elimination.
 electrostat protectionElectrostatic pad is low profile for reduced tripping hazard.
 electrostat protectionReleasable adhesive backing anchors pad to all types of floors and carpets

Order Direct and Save!

2 year warranty on parts and Labor, Designed to last a lifetime!

  • Direct from Stop ESD: $59.95

  • FREE shipping (continental USA only)

Custom Size Pads:   Add $7.15 per additional square foot

PN: FST 40200

Call or email us now with your order and receive a free bottle of UltraSpray  ($19.95 MSRP) at NO charge!  


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