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Office Options

At StopESD our forte' is static control,  but we realize the importance of  your office  electronics running flawlessly.  Static electricity (ESD)  corrupts data, destroys computers, cause a multitude of (LAN) networking problems and can devastate your productivity.  Browse a few of our unique static (ESD) control products used by some of the most productive offices nationwide.  From Static control flooring to our patented ESD devices,  at StopESD we

"Tame the Static Beast, Before it Takes another Byte!"

Take the ZAP out of your computer!  STOP static related computer glitches, protects data, eliminate on screen dust forever (and the eyestrain it causes).   Patented  World Wide,  available only from StopESD!   Protect your PC!.

Take the ZAP out of your chair mat!   Makes any chair mat anti-static.   Exceptional protection for the electronics at your workstation. Quick and easy to install (requires no tools or batteries) Eliminate the static from carpet too!   VersaStat 2000 

Take the ZAP out of your office carpeting!  Static may only be annoying to you but it can devastate sensitive office electronics including computers, printers, telephones, fax machines and sensitive networked systems.  Easy to apply, economical and long lasting.  GO! ZeroShock Stop Carpet Spray 

Make any smooth floor anti-static.  Take the ZAP out of your standard vinyl floor with our cost effective ZeroStat Coat conductive floor finish.  Applies like standard wax but anti-static and long lasting.  Anti-slip and easy to clean.        Antistatic Floor Finish

Take the ZAP away from copy machines, file servers and virtually all sensitive office electronics  with StopESD's new VersaStat Copy protection device.  Drains the charge from carpet too. Installs in minutes, drains the charge in seconds.    VersaStat 2000 for Copy Machines

Take the ZAP out of your  monitor, STOP static related eyestrain.  Glare?  Get a glare screen.      Eyestrain? Get a ClearView!  GO! ClearView for monitors

UltraSpray - Long lasting liquid anti-stat spray for use with our unique FST static protection system for computers or our Clearview system for televisions and monitors.  One little spritz and static is a thing of the past!

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