ESD Mats & Static Control Matting

Comfort Cushion Elite Plus 3-LAYER Vinyl ESD Matting

Item Number: BM-CC-EP (L x W) - Blue

ESD Mats & Static Control Matting
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This extremely thick, 3 layer advanced fusion vinyl / foam / vinyl bench top matting features the best cushioning properties in the industry combined with aggressive static decay rates.

The top layer is a wear resistant, easy to clean static dissipative Vinyl having sufficiently low resistance to discharge static-laden conductors, while preventing the shorting of pins on the backs of printed circuit boards laid on the mat. The middle layer is a thin highly conductive scrim providing and the aggressive static decay while the bottom layer is a energy absorbing vinyl foam finished with a non skid profile.

This product provides the cushioning desirable when working with hard drives and other (mechanically) shock sensitive devices while providing the electrostatic charge decay and resistivity recommendations of EOS ESD 2020 as well as most other stringent standards.

RTG: <5.5 X 107 @ 10 Volts per EOS / ESD 4.1
RTT: <5.5 X 107 @ 10 Volts per EOS / ESD 4.1
Surface Resistivity: < 109 per EOS / ESD S11.11

Conditioning: 50% RH +/- 2% @ 230C +/- 10C for 24 Hours
Test conducted @: 50% RH +/- 2% @ 230C +/- 10C.
Test results = Time, seconds to decay to 10% of initial charge
Results: <2.0 seconds

Thickness: 3/8"
Optional: Comfort Cushion Elite -1/4"
Colors: Blue
Available in Rolls or Custom Cut.

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