Static Electricity and Health

Do you sometimes sneeze, develop headaches, red, irritated eyes or allergy flair ups when working on a computer or watching TV? Static electricity has been overwhelmingly linked to health concerns among frequent computer and TV users. Why?>

Millions of particles of positively (+) charged sub -10 micron particles are propelled by the high electrostatic voltage (produced as a by product) of the cathode ray (picture) tube in your computer Monitor or TV. Unfortunately the recipient of this particles are typically the negatively (-) charged user's face, eyes and bronchial system.

Wipe your finger across your Monitor or TV screen, is it dusty? According to recent studies, the same amount of dust that forms on the screen will form on a grounded metal plate (simulating a user) when placed a few feet from the TV / Monitor.

The StopESD FST for Computers and ClearView for Televisions has been laboratory tested and endorsed by optometrists and allergists worldwide. For a full report on the hazards of static powered sub -10 micron particulate's effects on the eyes and bronchial system of computer and television users please contact us at or via "Human Click" (below).

For more information on static electricity and it's effects on allergies, see "electrostatic hazards in home and car" at: :

Excerpt compliments of Wolfson Electrostatics:

"It is well known that electrostatic forces can be used to precipitate airborne dust particles from the atmosphere and an example of this precipitation effect can be found in almost every home. Television sets generate high voltages which set up an electric field between the TV set and surrounding surfaces. This electric field influences dust particles in the air and tends to deposit them on the screen, the TV housing and any nearby surfaces. It is quite common for a very fine layer of dust to accumulate on the screen of a TV after it has been switched on for a few hours. If this dust were analyzed it would almost certainly contain fragments of dust mite fecal pellets - a material, which has been identified as one of the main asthma allergen carriers."

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